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Shanghai Forever - TQM in action


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Shanghai Forever - TQM in action


TQM in Action


  Since the establishment of Forever Bicycle, it has always adhered to the strategic policy of "quality is the life of the enterprise".

  As far back as 1979, Forever Bicycle had started to implement total quality management, and established a total quality management leading group and a quality management (TQC) office.

  Through continuous improvement of quality management, in 1988, Forever Bicycle was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Commending Unit for Implementing Total Quality Management" by the National Economic Commission.

  History is a mirror, and no one can stop the progress of the times.

  Forever Bicycle, as an evergreen brand with 82 years of experience in the industry, based on the new development stage and implementing the new development concept, it is also like the enterprise concept of "combining inheritance with innovation".

  Today's Evergrande is also constantly drawing essence from history, always taking product quality work as the top priority, and maintaining the excellent tradition.



Offline patrol inspection

  The representatives of Forever Quality Management Department insist on being at the forefront of production all the year round, and take the initiative to send the products to the testing agency for testing.

  In strict accordance with national standards, the representatives required the production base to constantly improve the quality of products. For factories with quality problems, a rectification notice shall be issued, and factories with serious problems or failing to complete rectification on time shall stop production for rectification or even terminate cooperation.

  Forever focus on product quality from the source of the factory and enhance the quality management awareness of all employees.



Online spot check

  Forever Commerce Department randomly check the quality of the factory products through online purchase. If the sampled products are unqualified, a rectification notice will be issued to the sampled factory, and if there are serious quality problems, the production will be stopped for rectification directly to ensure the quality and safety of Forever products.

  At present, there have been more than 350 random inspections on the quality and safety of Forever bicycles.

  In 2022, Forever has tested more than 60 times, and always take the initiative to grasp the current situation of product quality.


Accept external supervision complaints

  The online sales department takes the initiative to find the true feedback from consumers on the network platform. The quality management department and the commercial department together understand, evaluate and supervise the product quality to ensure that it can be solved at the first time.

  We timely follow up and feed back complaints about bicycle quality raised by online users to promote the quality improvement of Forever products.

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