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20th Century Manuals-Witness the history of Forever Bicycle


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Time of issue:2022-09-20 10:26


20th Century Manuals-Witness the history of Forever Bicycle


History is kind of boring, but sometimes it is full of charm. There are always something that attract people to explore.


The oldest manual

"Forever", as the oldest bicycle manufacturer in China, has a very complex product specification pedigree.

The instruction manual of Forever Model 31 portable bike is the oldest one.

The Model 31 portable bike was launched by Shanghai Forever in 1957 and is also the first portable bike in China.

▲The first page of Forever Model 31 portable bike manual (1957)

The Shanghai Bicycle Commodity Manual printed in 1975 still contains the introduction of Forever Model 31 portable bike. It fully shows that this is a popular model.

▲ The introduction in Shanghai Bicycle Commodity Manual (1975)


The most abundant manual

The Instruction Manual of Forever PA13 is the most abundant and detailed one in the instruction manual of Forever Bicycle. There are not only text introductions, but also pictures of various parts of the bike body.

Forever PA13 was launched in 1965

▲ Back cover of Forever PA13 Manual

▲ The specifications of PA13 (1965)


Manual with the shortest service time

The PE15 bicycle introduced in the "Instruction Manual of Forever PE15" is a product launched by Shanghai Forever in 1966.

This should be a manual with the shortest service life, only in the first three quarters of 1966.


Maunal with the largest printing volume

Since 1967, the manual of the entire Shanghai bicycle industry had been unified into the following style, with a red sun rising from the city skyline. And the size was smaller, and the text inside was also smaller.

This manual was also the one with the largest printing volume and the largest surviving volume of Shanghai Forever Bicycle. It listed ten types of Forever bicycles(heavily-leadn bike, cruiser bike, lady bike, cargo bike...).


Manual with color printing

This was a general manual used by Shanghai Bicycle Factory in the 1980s. It can be seen that great changes have taken place in the times, and color picture printing was first applied prospectively in the industrial and commercial fields. In addition, this manual also introduced Forever history on the title page. This also shows that with the reform and opening up, the concept of marketing has begun to revive in enterprises.

▲ Forever's first color printed manual (1980s)


Last manual in 20th century

A general manual used by Shanghai Forever Bicycle in the 1990s. In terms of design style, it's much simpler and more fashionable.

With the change of history and technology, we may never see those hand-painted manuals.

But history is a mirror, if reflects the business spirit of Forever Bicycle.

We always pay attention to the combination of inheritance and innovation, and hope that each of us can ride forever.

"It has been 80 years that we focus on building the best bicycles for billions of people."


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